Moss Removal


Moss on a roof can spell trouble for

The Northwest is a hostile environment for roofs. All the “liquid sunshine” we get makes our roofs damp, which causes moss and algae grow like crazy. Not only is moss an eyesore, but it can reduce the life of your roof. Moss holds moisture on the roof, it lifts shingles and draws moisture underneath, causes water to back up, produces leaks and clogged gutters and downspouts. Moss releases airborne spores which cause more moss to infest entire neighborhoods. When it is simply knocked off it takes shingle particles with it. Plus, the look of moss isn’t appealing and brings down property value.

So what’s the answer to mold and algae? Prevention. The best plan of attack is to never let the moss and algae take root in the first place. With a yearly maintenance spray for your roof, Oregon Chimney Guys can help keep the moss and algae from ever growing. If your roof is already being taken over, give us a call. We’ll remove the moss and algae with a thorough wash, and then come back regularly to make sure it never returns.

What are my options?

Step one: Prevention, let us treat your roof every year to keep the moss and algae from ever growing.

Step two: You already have moss and algae. Let us manually, and gently as possible, remove the moss and do a light pressure wash to remove the algae. We will then apply a zinc spray to keep it from coming back.

Contact us today for information regarding treating your roof.