As of Jan. 2021, we are not accepting any new client bookings. We anticipate being able to serve your chimney needs in the fall of 2021. Please check back with us then.

Proudly Serving Eugene & Springfield, Oregon

At the Oregon Chimney Guys, we are proud to provide great service to our customers. If you live in Eugene or Springfield, we can help you with everything from getting your annual chimney sweep to cleaning out your dryer vents.

Learn more about each of our services through the links below, and make sure to contact us about any work that you’d like done.

Chimney Sweep and Inspection

Chimney Sweeps and Inspections

When was the last time you had your chimney swept by a professional? If the answer is “I don’t know,” then it’s time to call the Oregon Chimney Guys.

By getting an annual chimney sweep and inspection, you can cut down on your chances of a house fire, eliminate pesky odors, and catch structural issues before they need costly repairs.

Learn more here about the importance of chimney sweeps in Eugene and Springfield.

Chimney Repair and Replacement

Chimney Repair and Replacement

If your chimney is in need of repairs or even a full-on replacement, it’s important not to wait as your chimney is a vital piece to your home’s structural integrity. A neglected chimney that has fallen into disrepair can cause serious risks such as the raised possibilities of a house fire, carbon monoxide leak, or structural collapse.

At the Oregon Chimney Guys, we have many years of experience to quickly assess, diagnose, and fix issues we discover. If you’re worried about your chimney, don’t wait another day. Learn more about chimney repair and replacement in Eugene and Springfield and contact us today!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Even though most dryers make use of a lint trap, they don’t catch all of it! The lint that makes it past becomes stuck in your dryer vents. Seeing as how lint is extremely flammable, this poses a fire hazard. Additionally, the more lint trapped in your dryer vents, the harder your dryer must work which negatively affects your energy bills.

Make sure your dryer is performing at its peak capabilities with a dryer vent cleaning in Eugene or Springfield from the Oregon Chimney Guys.