Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dirty Dryer-Vent

Example of a dryer vent that needs cleaning.

Did you know that your dryer’s lint trap can’t possibly catch all the lint? The rest gets into the vent and crowds the opening, stealing efficiency and raising your chances of having a dryer fire. In fact, there are over 15,000 lint-caused fires every year in the U.S.!

Now for the good news. The best and easiest way to determine the condition of your dryer vent is to monitor the drying time of typical laundry loads. When a load takes over 30-45 minutes to dry, it’s time to clean out the vent. We suggest that you get it cleaned at least every two years but prefer you do it once a year. A  clean vent saves you money and ensures safety. The only thing standing between you and clean vents is contacting us!

Here’s how it works: Call us out and get clean vents. Simple as that.

How do I know that my clothes dryer vent needs to be cleaned? If a normal-sized load of clothes takes longer than 30 minutes to dry, and your dryer gets warm (or hot) to the touch while it is running, then this means your vent is mostly likely clogged and in need of a good cleaning. If you are at all unsure, just contact us and we can do a free evaluation.