Professional Roof Moss Removal: Treatment and Prevention

Oregon Chimney Guys not only specialize in chimney sweeping, wood stove installation and dryer vent cleaning, we also specialize in moss removal! Moss thrives in damp shady environments and can wreak havoc on your roof. Being in the rainy Pacific northwest, your roof is susceptible moss growth. However, there are steps to take to treat and prevent moss from setting up shop on your roof.

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Home Maintenance Tips for Summer



Summer is right around the corner here in Eugene, Oregon, and before the hot weather really hits us, we thought we’d provide some final tips to getting your home cleaned up after our long rainy season. A lot of homeowners neglect some of the most important home maintenance projects, and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen! Here’s our list of maintenance tips to get done.

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The Oregon Chimney Guys Spring Cleaning Checklist

chimney guys on roof

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and it’s a great time in Eugene to finish all of those household chores you’ve been putting off! Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Summer is fast approaching and we here at Oregon Chimney Guys are here to help you with your spring cleaning. We’ve come up with our very own annual spring cleaning checklist.

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Preventing Moss Buildup on your Roof



Here at the Oregon Chimney Guys, we do more than provide chimney repairs and cleanings, we also handle the removal of moss from your roof. The issues of having moss buildup on your roof are covered here, but we want to help you learn how to prevent this from becoming an issue at all. We do offer an annual zinc spray that is very effective at preventing moss, but there are also a few steps that you can take on your own that will help your roof stay moss-free.

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Why Is It Important to Keep a Roof Moss-Free?


Those who live in moist, shady environments are familiar with moss, lichen and algae. The temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest are filled with such greenery, adding beauty to the wilderness. When walking through a park like Mt. Pisgah, you might find curtains of lichen hanging from trees, mossy limbs of Douglas fir and algae growing on rocks. Some people love the look so much they choose to include moss in their gardens and between stones on their paths. Because this is a damp, shady environment, keeping a roof free of moss and algae in a city like Eugene, Oregon can be a challenge. Even more so if that roof is shaded by trees.

Lichen grows in spots on roofs and is thinner than moss. Green and black algae stain roofs and are also thin. Both are cosmetic concerns when they alone are growing on a roof in small patches because they don’t typically root themselves deeply in the shingles. The difference between lichen, algae and moss is that moss is damaging. Even if the aesthetic of moss doesn’t bother you, it can cause your roof to wear out more quickly. The thicker the moss, the more it holds water against the roof. Then when it freezes, it causes frost damage and the shingles fall apart. Even if it doesn’t freeze, when the roots of lichen or moss grow so deep they penetrate the materials, they can cause the roofing materials to become separated and fall apart.

Here are some options for getting rid of moss and preventing it from growing:

  • Power washing
  • Raking
  • Chemicals
  • Brushing
  • Adding an aluminum or copper flashing to prevent moss growth
  • Using moss-resistant shingles

What to Do When the Roof Starts Falling Off

Not everyone can afford to reroof their house with moss-resistant materials—and not everyone wants to because of the chemicals involved. The best solution is to prevent moss by cleaning the roof every year. But once moss begins to grow, or lichen becomes deeply rooted, using chemicals, brushing, raking or power washing can also damage shingles and cause the roof to fall apart if the cleaning isn’t done correctly. That’s when it’s time to call in professionals.

In addition to chimney cleaning, repair and sweeping, Oregon Chimney Guys offers roof cleaning. We believe in keeping moss at bay by preventing it from taking over. We recommend cleaning the roof each year.

More about Moss Removal

The Northwest is a hostile environment for roofs. All the “liquid sunshine” we get makes our roofs damp, which causes moss and algae grow like crazy. Not only are they an eyesore, but they reduce the life of your roof.

So what’s the answer to mold and algae? Prevention. The best plan of attack is to never let the moss and algae take root. And with a yearly maintenance spray of your roof, we can help keep the moss and algae from ever growing.

And if your roof is already being taken over, give us a call. We’ll remove the moss and algae with a thorough wash, and then come back regularly to make sure they never return.

What are my options?

Step one: Prevention, let us treat your roof with a zinc spray every year to keep the moss and algae from ever growing.

Step two: You have moss and Algae. Let us manually (gently as possible) remove the moss and do a light pressure wash to remove the algae. Then we will do the zinc spray to keep it from coming back.

Why is algae bad for roofs?

The algae feed on inorganic filler materials such as calcium carbonate in asphalt shingle. This loosens the granules that the inorganic material holds in place. When the asphalt granules are loosed and fall off your roof your roof life is greatly reduced.

Why is moss bad for roofs?

Moss holds moisture on the roof, it lifts shingles and draws moisture up underneath the shingles, causes
water to back up in valley producing leaks, clogs gutters and downspouts, produces airborne spores which produces moss all over the neighborhood, and when it is knocked off it takes shingle particles with it. Plus, the look brings down property value.