Chimney Inspections When Buying or Selling a Home

Chimney inspections are extremely important when buying or selling a home. A fireplace adds value to a home but if it isn’t in working condition, isn’t structurally sound or hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then it can become a fire hazard that can negatively impact the value of the home.

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Professional Roof Moss Removal: Treatment and Prevention

Oregon Chimney Guys not only specialize in chimney sweeping, wood stove installation and dryer vent cleaning, we also specialize in moss removal! Moss thrives in damp shady environments and can wreak havoc on your roof. Being in the rainy Pacific northwest, your roof is susceptible moss growth. However, there are steps to take to treat and prevent moss from setting up shop on your roof.

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Chimney Sweep History: Evolution of the Fireplace


In cooler parts of the world, such as our own Eugene, Oregon during winter and fall, fireplaces are frequently used as heating sources in many homes. However, fireplaces in recent times have become more design and architectural focused than they have in the past. Before electricity and central heating in homes, fireplaces were essential to survival and the core appliance used for cooking and heating. As part of our chimney sweep history series, the Oregon Chimney Guys are here to share with you a little history about the evolution of the fireplace.

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How to Deal with Birds or Bats in Your Chimney

Chimney maintenance is not something that should be overlooked and yearly inspections and cleanings should be scheduled with your local chimney sweep. Animals such as bats and birds can easily access your chimney and fireplace which isn’t great for you or the animals. Here are some helpful tips and precautions for dealing with birds or bats who have tried to make a new home in your chimney.

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Chimney Sweep History: The Climbing Boys


Here in Eugene, Oregon the weather is getting cooler and it’s obvious that autumn has arrived and Halloween is right around the corner. In light of this, we thought we would share with you a little history about chimney sweeping. Be warned: things might get a little spooky!

The vocation of chimney sweeping has been around for hundreds of years and is still an important profession today. Because of the technical, mechanical and ethical advancements, you may be surprised to learn that chimney sweeping used to be considerably dangerous and scary. Especially for the children recruited as apprentices a.k.a. “climbing boys.”

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What Is Creosote And Why Is It Bad For Your Chimney?


If you’re a follower of this blog then you’ve probably heard the term “creosote” a time or two. Anytime a fireplace is used, creosote forms in the lining or flue, which is why we offer creosote removal. To help our customers better understand the risks of not getting an annual chimney sweep, here’s more about the dangerous substance that lies within, creosote.

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Home Maintenance Tips for Summer



Summer is right around the corner here in Eugene, Oregon, and before the hot weather really hits us, we thought we’d provide some final tips to getting your home cleaned up after our long rainy season. A lot of homeowners neglect some of the most important home maintenance projects, and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen! Here’s our list of maintenance tips to get done.

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