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Picture of Neil Box's Family

Neil Box and his family.

Neil Box, the owner of Oregon Chimney Guys, is a married father of three young children. He obtains great satisfaction from his family and from being responsible for a job done well consistently for every customer without fail.

Box believes it is important to serve the communities he does business in and goes out of his way to staff his company with Oregonians who are currently unemployed but are able to provide the necessary skills after rigorous training. Everyone who represents the company in any capacity is also skilled in building those all-important customer relationships that have helped grow the young company in its first critical year of business. The Oregon Chimney Guys team is justifiably proud of their outstanding capacity for hard work and the quality they deliver. The entire staff is notable for its sound work ethic.

Oregon Chimney Guys is a member of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and the Oregon Network Exchange. Look at our list of services.

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